Wednesday, November 14, 2012


ATLANTA, Ga. -- Jack Staver wants you to know: the United Nations and much of the American political establishment is behind a program to strip America of its freedom.
"Environmentalism is one of them. There's a thing called a liveable communities initiative which is incorporated. Smart streets, which they just redid. That's all based on UN Agenda 21 type theory," said Staver, who wore a 40 calibre pistol on his belt while speaking at a park in Marietta,
Last month Staver helped put together a meeting at the state capitol hosted by Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers (R-Woodstock). Rogers invited the entire Republican caucus. They watched a power point presentation and documentary about the UN agenda. Seth Clark, a liberal political researcher, attended and recorded much of the meeting.
"Implying that there's a vicious plot to take over your personal liberties, and implying that the business community is part of that, it seems counterintuitive," said Clark. Clark says he was ordered out of the meeting after an hour.
Earlier this year, Rogers cosponsored a senate resolution decrying the "social engineering" and "global political control" of agenda 21. During the presentation at the capitol, senators saw a slide likening the policies of President Obama to those of Cold War communists Josef Stalin and Mao Zhedong.
"What (Obama) is doing, and the way that the mandates are done and the things he's implementing" justify the comparison, said Staver. "It's not a conspiracy at all."
A spokesman for Rogers says Rogers office put together the meeting simply as a courtesy to some constituents who wanted to discuss public policy with lawmakers.
The spokesman for Rogers says his office does the same thing for other "credible" groups, citing as examples the PTA and Boy Scouts.

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