Regarding a news article ("Vacaville works to meet housing requirements," Nov. 15): This is United Nations Agenda 21 being implemented in our own back yard.
So just who is ABAG? The Association of Bay Area Governments is an unelected body that, in theory, is a simple regional planning agency with limited statutory authority. Instead, this agency, along with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, use financial authority to circumvent local planning authority, dictating growth and zoning requirements to local elected officials, and socially engineering the makeup of the community.

There is good reason that Vacaville City Councilman Curtis Hunt and other local leaders reject this unwelcome aggression by these nonelected bodies. I believe that these aforementioned groups, along with One Bay Area and various appendage organizations, have ties to the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, a U.N.-accredited nongovernmental organization (NGO) that openly promotes and works to implement the Action Plan of Agenda 21.

By manipulating civic leadership through contrived environmental concerns and grave financial penalty, these unelected board members are able to dictate the amount and location of low-income and stack-and-pack housing, public transportation requirements, zoning and private property land use.

We must stand together as a community to reject this unwelcome intrusion on our individual liberty and civic authority.

Joseph Shippee